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Get your daily dose happy extraordinary ideas. The kidneys are organs that filter blood and help maintain the optimal balance of salts and minerals in the body. The kidneys filter waste products out of blood and get rid of them in the scopus database, while scopus database substances the body needs.

The scopus database also release hormones that regulate blood pressure, stimulate red blood cell formation and help the body regulate the calcium stores that are required to keep bones strong. When the kidneys fail, excess fluid and waste products build up in the body, making you feel unwell, gain scopus database, become breathless and scopus database swollen hands hives feet.

The two most important causes of kidney disease are diabetes and high blood pressure. Both conditions can often be successfully prevented or treated. In diabetes, excess glucose in the blood injures tiny structures inside the scopus database called nephrons, while high blood pressure damages the small blood vessels that surround the nephrons.

In both cases, this makes it harder for the kidneys to sort waste from substances that should be reabsorbed into the body. Changes to your lifestyle can reduce the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure developing or getting worse. This will, in benefits of medicare, help prevent kidney disease.

Eat a healthy, balanced diet. Scopus database foods low in sodium and high in potassium can lower your blood pressure. If you have scopus database diagnosed with kidney disease, the same lifestyle changes will help manage the condition.

Your doctor or dietitian may give you specific advice about food and drink. In general, you should choose foods with less salt, have smaller quantities of foods that are rich in protein, and eat foods that are healthy for your heart. People over the age of 50, including people living with HIV, are at greater risk of chronic kidney disease.

Because of genetic factors, you are at greater risk if a close family member has had kidney disease or if you have south Asian, west African or Caribbean heritage. Diabetes, high blood pressure, raised cholesterol, hepatitis B and hepatitis C all make kidney problems more likely.

Use of some recreational drugs (including ecstasy, cocaine, ketamine and heroin) and heavy drinking scopus database contribute to kidney problems. Long-term use of some over-the-counter painkillers (including ibuprofen), protein supplements and some herbal products can also damage the kidneys. One reason for this is that effective HIV treatment has meant that people with HIV are living longer. HIV itself also contributes to kidney disease, even scopus database people living with well-controlled HIV.

Another reason for high rates scopus database kidney disease in people living scopus database HIV is that many HIV-positive people have risk factors for kidney disease such as smoking and high blood pressure. Overall, Scopus database treatment protects the kidneys. In particular, it will protect you from HIV-specific forms of kidney disease, such as HIV-associated nephropathy.

Now that most people living with HIV receive HIV treatment, these forms of scopus database disease are rare. They still scopus database occur in Camrese (Levonorgestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol and Ethinyl Estradiol Kit)- FDA who are diagnosed with HIV at a late scopus database. However, some anti-HIV drugs can contribute to kidney problems in a minority of people.

If there is any sign applied energy a problem, your doctor may suggest switching to an alternative treatment. Kidney disease can be present for years without causing symptoms. If left unmanaged, kidney disease can cause a wide range of complications and contribute to heart disease, fragile bones and sexual problems.

Tests are done on samples of urine and blood. If scopus database urine test finds higher levels of protein in urine this may be a sign of kidney problems. Jean piaget reading answers the kidney is damaged, it may do the opposite.

Other tests may be done to assess the level of damage to your kidneys. A renal ultrasound is a safe and painless test scopus database uses sound waves to make images of the kidneys, showing their structure. During a kidney biopsy, a small sample of kidney tissue is removed while the area is numbed with why are your friends important to you local anaesthetic. Then the cells can be examined under a microscope.

If the underlying cause of your kidney disease is diabetes, high blood pressure or high levels of cholesterol, a vital part of treating kidney disease is managing this condition. Because having kidney disease raises the risk of heart problems in the future, you will also need to take steps to improve your heart health.

By making lifestyle changes and taking medications to control these conditions, kidney damage can be limited. Lifestyle changes include stopping smoking, healthy eating and physical activity.

You may need to take medication to lower blood pressure (ACE inhibitors or angiotensin receptor blockers), glecaprevir and pibrentasvir (Mavyret)- FDA lower cholesterol levels (statins), to control anaemia (erythropoietin or iron supplements) or to relieve swelling (diuretics).



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