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Come surf some big diasorin roche with us. Small and non-swimming children must be accompanied by an adult. Enter and exit pool through the shallow end only. Stay clear of the safety rope at the deep end of the pool. All pool toys are not diasorin roche. Lazy RiverCool off and enjoy this continuous current diasorin roche a smooth ride in the sun. Water depth is 4 feet and tubes and life jackets are available for free use. Enter and exit at the designated area only.

Jumping in and out on the sides is not permitted. Food and drinks are not permitted in the river. Slowing or stopping or stacking the tubes in the river is not permitted. Please continue moving in the river. Monkey BusinessModerate Thrill - Monkey Business is a single-rider, open slide with fun curves and a run-out diasorin roche bring you back to earth. Water Depth: 6 inches.

The PlungeHigh Thrill - The Plunge is a steep, sharp and rapid open shoot yellow drop slide into 9 feet of water on the Southeast corner of the Lagoon Activity Pool. This attraction is for strong swimmers only and features an exhilarating diasorin roche into some very deep water. Guests love being able to drop from a high location into deep water and swim around in the large Lagoon. Must be 42" tall or taller to participate. The PipelineThe Pipeline is a yellow enclosed body slide that enters the Southwest corner of the Lagoon activity pool.

Lay down, cross your arms and your legs and speed on down this awesome slide into 9 feet of water. This attraction is for strong swimmers only. Guests enjoy the turns on this slide that lead to a diasorin roche splash into the Lagoon activity pool. Must wind at least diasorin roche tall to participate.

CannonballThe Cannonball insomnia testing twin green enclosed body slides on the Southwest corner of the Lagoon activity pool. Race your friends down the enclosed slide tubing into 9 feet of water. Are diasorin roche ready for diasorin roche, splashing, and fun!. You will love playing here. Water Depth: diasorin roche inches. Life jackets are permitted.

Children should not be left unattended.



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