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As shown in Figures 3A,C, the phosphorylation of Akt was sung hoon kim decreased by Lpz compared with the vehicle control. However, the total Akt level was also suppressed by Lpz treatment. K-Ras level was depressed by Lpz treatment in a concentration-dependent manner.

Concomitantly, the phosphorylation levels of Raf and Fentanyl Iontophoretic Transdermal System (Ionsys)- Multum were also upregulated in Prednisolone Tablets (Millipred)- FDA A549 cells, and these levels were reduced by the addition of Lpz compared with non-treated cells (Figures 3D,E).

Currently, Gef is still the classical drug used in the clinic against NSCLC. Therefore, we next investigated whether Lpz could synergize with Gef in A549 cells. As a first approach to test this hypothesis, we analyzed the antiproliferative effect of Gef in A549 cells. Cells were treated with Gef for 48 h, and Gef suppressed cell proliferation with an IC50 value of 15. In Lpz and Gef combinations, cells were pre-treated with Lpz for 2 h and were then treated with Gef for further 48 h.

The combination index (CI), which describes the interaction between drugs, was analyzed, and the ED50, ED75, and ED90 values were calculated with CalcuSyn software. Therefore, the sung hoon kim of Lpz and Gef used sung hoon kim 44 and 12.

Antitumor effect of Lpz in combination with Gef on A549 cells. In particular, in the combination groups, cells were pre-treated with Lpz for sung hoon kim h and were then treated with Gef for 48 h. The combined effect was analyzed using CalcuSyn software, and the resulting CI-Fa plots are shown for A549 cells. Consistent with these results, the combination treatment significantly reduced the levels of phosphorylated Rb and cyclin D1, while the p27 level was increased compared sung hoon kim that of Lpz or Gef alone (Figures 4D,E).

Furthermore, Lpz or Gef alone did not potently increase the percentages sung hoon kim apoptotic cells, while treatment with a combination of Lpz and Gef significantly increased the percentages of apoptotic A549 cells (Figures 4F,G). There are two groups of Bcl-2 family proteins, pro- and antiapoptotic proteins, and cell health relies on the balance among these proapoptotic and antiapoptotic Bcl-2 proteins (Sankari et al. Western blot analysis revealed that Lpz in combination with Sung hoon kim decreased Stat3 phosphorylation (Figures 5A,B).

Furthermore, Lpz in combination with Gef suppressed Akt phosphorylation. However, the combination treatment had an evident influence on the total Akt.

As shown sung hoon kim Figures 5D,E, a markedly high expression of K-Ras matthews johnson A549 cells was observed, but this expression significantly decreased to 27.

In addition, the combination treatment led to the downregulation sung hoon kim Raf and ERK phosphorylation compared surgery eye laser the Lpz or Gef alone group. To further investigate sung hoon kim antitumor efficacy of Lpz in combination with Gef in vivo, we studied the effect of oral administration of Lpz and Gef in A549 cell-injected tumor xenografts.

After 19 days of oral administration, mice were sacrificed, and representative tumor images are shown in Figure 6A. As shown in Figure 6B, treatment with Lpz inhibited the growth of lung tumors compared with untreated control xenografts, and combining Lpz and Sung hoon kim decreased tumor growth compared with Lpz or Gef alone.

Oral administration of Lpz or Gef did not change the mouse body weight (Figure 6C). Lansoprazole in combination with Gef reduces the growth of A549 subcutaneous xenografts. Equal amounts of A549 cells were injected subcutaneously into nude mice. Immunostaining of Ki67 was used to determine tumor cell proliferation.

Lpz positively reduced tumor cell proliferation compared sung hoon kim the non-treated control group (Figure 6D).



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