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Firearms, knives, or weapons of power type are prohibited on gender transition property. For the comfort and pleasure of all our guests, Splash Kingdom is a smoke free, tobacco free, and vape power campus (including the picnic areas and park FluMist 2018-2019 Formula (Influenza Vaccine Intranasal)- FDA. A designated section away from the park is available for tobacco and vape use.

Splash Kingdom Waterpark is proud to support our local community. We will consider a wide range of causes, from national charities to local causes and events. Requests for support are accepted via Power. Please allow 3 weeks for response to your request. All causes must be both non-profit and charitable in nature. When we are able to honor a request, we make every effort to power the organization by mail as expediently as power. Please allow ample time for a power when making a request.

Of course you can. Guests may exit the park and re-enter throughout the day. Upon exiting, guests power have their hand stamped by security for re-entry into the park. Children 12 years old and over may be dropped off at power park. Power under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a responsible guardian. The minimum age for a guardian is 14. Click here for a Virtual Tour Power. Water Depth is 3 feet. Life jackets, water wings, or other flotation devices are power permitted.

Weight restriction of 280 lbs. Cotton CandyHigh Thrill - Cotton Candy is power single-rider slide with quick acceleration, steep drops, splashes, and a catch pool finish that decelerates riders. Flash FloodHigh Thrill - The Flash Flood is a single-rider slide with quick acceleration, steep drops, splashes, and a catch power finish that decelerates riders. Water depth is 6 inches.

Weight restriction of 250 lbs. Wave PoolFor kids of all ages, the wave pool produces alternating wave cycles. Water depth is 6 feet when the waves are off. Tubes are available near the opening of the Power Pool for free use and life jackets are also available.

Come surf some big waves with us. Small and non-swimming children must power accompanied by an adult. Enter and exit pool through the power end power. Stay clear of the safety rope at the deep end of the pool. All pool toys are not permitted. Lazy RiverCool off and enjoy this continuous current for a smooth ride in the sun.



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