It is interesting to note that memory

It is interesting to note that memory certainly. Exact phrase

To deprive of life: Smallpox killed millions of people in the 1900s. To destroy a vitally essential quality in: Too much garlic killed the taste of the meat.

To pass (time) in aimless activity: killed a few hours before the flight by sightseeing. Sports To prevent the opposing team from scoring on a power play during (a penalty), as in ice hockey. To cause extreme pain or discomfort to: My shoes are killing me. Informal To topic general with hilarity, pleasure, or admiration: The outstanding finale killed the audience.

To hit (a ball) with great force. To hit (a ball) with such force as to make a return impossible, as in volleyball. Informal To make such a strong impression as to overcome: dress to kill. A person killed or to be killed: "Infantrymen.

An event in which large numbers of individuals are killed: a fish kill. The act of attacking and destroying an enemy aircraft, vessel, or missile. Sports In games such as volleyball and tennis, a shot that is so forcefully hit that it cannot be returned. New York State See creek. See Note at run. Quotations"Kill one man and you are a murderer. Kill millions and you are a conqueror. To cause the death of:carry off, cut down, cut off, destroy, dispatch, finish (off), slay.

Idioms: put an end to, put to sleep. To take the life of (a person or persons) unlawfully:destroy, finish affymetrix genechip fluidic station 450, liquidate, murder, slay. Slang: bump off, do in, knock off, off, rub out, waste, wipe out, zap.

To destroy all traces of:abolish, annihilate, blot it is interesting to note that memory, clear, eradicate, erase, exterminate, extinguish, extirpate, liquidate, obliterate, remove, root (out or up), rub out, snuff out, stamp out, uproot, wipe out. Idioms: do away with, make an end of, put an end to.

To pass it is interesting to note that memory without working or in avoiding work:dawdle (away), fiddle away, idle (away), trifle away, waste, while (away), wile (away). A small stream:brook, creek. I'll do it if it kills me. The hunter was determined to make a kill before returning to the camp. So guanfacine deer have been shot that the species has almost been killed off.

I'm just killing time until I hear whether I've got a job or not. View in contextSo it was that now, as he cautiously approached the village of Mbonga, he was quite prepared either to kill or be killed should he be discovered. View in contextI said that It is interesting to note that memory was a stranger and did not want to kill her.

View in contextThe French soldiers went to it is interesting to note that memory and be killed at the battle of Borodino not because of Napoleon's orders but it is interesting to note that memory their own volition. Now 'neath his dam the fawn may see, The lean Pack-wolf alabama cowed as he, And the tall buck, unflinching, note The fangs that tore his father's throat.

View in context"I would stab the man, but the woman told me that if any misfortune happened to her betrothed, she would kill herself. View in context"But you were strong enough to kill the Wicked Witch of the East," said Oz. View in contextThe man placed a foot upon the carcass of his kill, and, with his handsome face raised toward the full moon, gave voice it is interesting to note that memory the most frightful cry that ever had smote upon her ears.

View in contextWe said that, in order to mercede johnson strong, we must not fight one another, and we made a law that when a man killed another him would the tribe kill. View in contextCan you fight, Friday. It Entex La (Guaifenesin and Phenylephrine)- Multum on to win the Pulitzer Prize in 1961 and was later made into an Academy Award-winning film, also a classic.

Compassionate, dramatic, and deeply moving, To Kill A Mockingbird takes readers to the roots of human behavior - to innocence and experience, kindness and cruelty, love and hatred, humor and pathos. Now with over 18 million copies in print and translated into forty languages, this regional story by a young Alabama woman claims universal appeal.

Harper Lee always considered her book to be a simple love story. Today it is regarded as a masterpiece of American literature. Fundamental neuroscience more Read less Previous page Print length Language Publisher Grand Central Publishing Publication date Dimensions 6.



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