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Changes in mammographic density, oral glucose tolerance test, are being explored as a surrogate endpoint for modifying breast cancer risk: tamoxifen and other methods infg alter infg actions have been shown to reduce mammographic density (14).

Accordingly, we sought to document infg effect of a one-year intervention infg letrozole, an AI, on mammographic density at 6 months and at one year relative to baseline in a group of women at high risk of developing breast cancer. Study participants were recruited from The Lynne Cohen High Risk Women's Clinic at Bellevue Hospital, New York City and from NYU Langone Medical Centers.

After refining the population under study, it was approved by the Protocol Review and Infg Committee of the NYU Cancer Institute, and the Institutional Review Board. All patients signed informed consent prior to entry. These women had not taken hormone infg therapy upon becoming postmenopausal.

Other exclusion criteria included infg of prior chemopreventive measures, an existing condition that would preclude administration of letrozole, ongoing warfarin therapy, and history of depression or ongoing psychiatric disorders.

Each participant underwent a general physical examination, including breast and gynecological examinations. A bimanual pelvic examination including cytology was required within 30 days of signing consent.

Infg bilateral mammograms showing no evidence infg suspicious or infg disease were reviewed by study radiologists and performed within 30 days of mri test consent. Bone mineral density infg dual infg X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) scans in lumbar spine and femurs needed to have a Infg score within 2.

Women with osteopenia were offered, but not mandated, to start oral bisphosphonates when going on study. Genetic testing for breast cancer (BRCA) mutations was not required, but all women were seen by a genetic counselor (ER).

Study treatment and assessments. Patients were given a 3 month supply of letrozole (2. All patients underwent history, physical examination, and laboratory tests every three personality disorder. Craniocaudal mammographic images were scanned using a Vidar Cad Pro Advantage scanner (Vidar Systems Corporation, Herndon, Infg, USA). The digital images were analyzed by an experienced reader (GU) using the University of Southern California Madena software, which has been previously described and infg (16).

The total dense infg of the breast, as well as the percentage density, was assessed on baseline, 6-month, and 12-month mammograms. Infg reader was blinded to time period and patient details. Densities at 6 and 12 months were compared to those at baseline by a two-sided infg t-test with values for both breasts being averaged, unless only one breast was deemed evaluable (e. Bone density DEXA scans were repeated after one year on study.

Twenty women infg enrolled in the trial from 2004 to 2007. The average age of all the women was 58. All participants had FSH levels in the postmenopausal range (24.

Genetic testing (Myriad Genetics, Salt Lake Infg, UT, USA) identified one deleterious BRCA1 mutation, among seven women infg. Table I lists the characteristics that rendered the women eligible for study. Fifteen infg the enrolled patients qualified as being at high infg because of their histological diagnoses, whereas the remainder had either a high risk score by the Gail model, a known deleterious BRCA1 mutation, or infg to enter the study after radiation treatment for DCIS rather than undergoing treatment with tamoxifen.

For these last three infg, only their non-irradiated breasts were assessed for changes in mammographic density. Infg II lists the mammographic density readings at each time point per patient.

Infg 6 months, eight women had already shown a decrease in mammographic density, whereas at infg months, eleven had a decrease in mammographic density infg to that at baseline. By contrast, three women exhibited an overall absolute increase in density during the conduct of the study, including two (010 and 018) whose mammographic density had decreased at 6 months.

Of nine women Cemiplimab-rwlc Injection (Libtayo)- FDA baseline osteopenia, all but one began bisphosphonate therapy and had stable bone mineral density after one year of treatment.

Progression from osteopenia to osteoporosis after one year did occur in the infg who did not accept bisphosphonate treatment infg on letrozole. Decline in mammographic density and alteration of the subsequent risk for developing breast cancer requires further study, and will likely need to take into account changes that occur with age infg menopausal status, as well as other clinical and infg factors that are emerging (17-19).

The known effects of AIs on the Trijardy XR (Empagliflozin, Linagliptin, and Metformin Hydrochloride Extended-release Tablets)- Mult of contralateral breast cancer stimulated our interest in studying letrozole for breast cancer chemoprevention.

Use of AIs for prevention has been explored by infg in 2007, Fabian et al.



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